Pier da Cascia: our wines

Pier Da Cascia - Our wines

Pier da Cascia is the brand with which I Sergenti markets its wines. A brand named in honour of our founder, Pier Luigi, who has always lived in Cascia.

Our wines are born in the heart of Tuscany, on the slopes of the Florentine mountains. Organic, genuine, excellent quality wines, produced exclusively with our grapes, using techniques that respect nature and the environment that surrounds us.

Always seeking to push the boundaries, we have also created a line of organic wines without added sulphites. This product is obtained from organic farming, without the addition of sulphur dioxide, the element responsible for migraines and other allergic symptoms.

Territory, Identity and Health. Our philosophy is based around a series of choices where environment, territory and quality come together, creating a unique product that only the human hand can conceive.

Our wines express the nature of the land and the characteristics of each year’s vintage. They are honest wines that reflect the earth and the period they were born. They bring us closer to a simple world, without frills and fancies; a world too often crushed by an industry without identity.