Just under a year ago, I SERGENTI won first price for the best organic oil in the prestigious JOOP competition, held in Tokyo. This year we have done it again: winner among all the oils evaluated in the category “Best in the Class”, which groups the best products in the contest. We are delighted about this prize, as we were a year ago. I’ll just remind you why.

The Japanese are not oil producers, but they are developing incredible competencies and knowledge, due in part to their methodological tradition. In Japan, we can see something that traditional producer countries often put into second place in: passion. Passion is the most powerful engine. A force that pushes the ship through the waves of ignorance, anchoring in safe ports for knowledge. Passion is the petrol behind all success. It is a sensation that pushes human beings to keep getting better, without worrying about the obstacles that might emerge in their path. We won out first prize in a county where this passion and this love for extra-virgin olive oil is so strong and unblemished, that it makes us proud and reassures us that the path that we have chosen is the right one.

Long Live the Rising sun!