Off to a flying start!

olio capitale

Luck? Chance? A rare astral alignment? Who knows?!
The fact is that a commission of independent experts placed our Il TRADIZIONALE oil among the five finalists of the OLIO CAPITALE 2016 competition, in the category “intense flavour”.
OLIO CAPITALE is the first competition that we have taken part in. It is also one of the most prestigious in the international oil sector. The competition, part of the Olio Capitale Expo – 10th exhibition of Quality and Typical Extra Virgin Oil, took place between 5th-8th March 2016 in Trieste (Italy).
We put ourselves to the test and the result was amazing. When Lisa received notice that we had passed the semi-final we were amazed. We even thought it must be a mistake! So I took a bottle of our oil and our tasting glass and I sat down by myself to give it a try. I went through the tasting process that we go through with all oil, trying to be objective. I tried to put myself in the shoes of the judges at the competition. Ok, I didn’t have to compare it with all the other oils in the competition, but I had no doubt that this is an excellent oil. Maybe it wasn’t a mistake after all.
This kind of recognition is important to us. It’s an incentive to go on and a confirmation that we are on the right road.
We received a lot of kind phone calls to congratulate us. Other producers contacted us, truly happy for these three newcomers that are working hard to get better and better at what we do. We are starting to see results and our clients will too.
And now…onwards and upwards!