Ready, Steady, Go!


We are finally ready to start this adventure…As of today we’ll be writing about oil, agriculture, our company and many other things beside.
What exactly do we mean by “magazine”? Think of a living room full of friends or your local pub. A relaxed place where people interested in the world of extra-virgin olive oil and organic farming can chat, openly, about their ideas and thoughts. A place for producers, consumers and enthusiasts.
If you reached the magazine through the website you’ll already have ready something about us, the history of our company and our mission. Here we want to create something friendly and informal, a place that we can share what we do and want we want to achieve and can learn from each other.
So let me introduce ourselves. My name is Matteo Capannesi and my partners in crime are Lisa and Cristiano Ricci. We were born and brought up (and probably even conceived!) among these olive trees. We each have our own, specific role within I Sergenti. I am lucky enough to be the one who writes these pages and shares our work and our passion with all of you that will follow our work.
We are all certified members of the Italian national roster of technicians and experts in virgin and extra virgin olive oil. We make sure that we are always up to date with new developments in our field of interest; that of reaching the highest level of oil quality through new technologies and respect for nature. This means studying, research and continuous exchange with other like-minded producers.
We have big plans for the near future: some structural and logistical; some more creative regarding our products. We’ll keep you up to date, each time the ideas (and the bureaucracy) make way for reality.
Just a couple of words about the decision to use the web-magazine to connect with the world. Firstly, it lets us overcome distances. Thanks to these pages we can reach people that live far away, share our passion with them and help to spread a healthy eating culture. We want to create oil-lovers the world over! Secondly, the simplicity and immediacy of the web lets us post even the simplest and most spontaneous thoughts.
The first posts will explain, in simple terms, what we do. Some will introduce you, especially newcomers to the world of olive oil, to this exciting field. Others will be more technical. There is something for everyone!
So let’s get started!