Organic wines without added sulphites

Our line of organic wines with no added sulphites was born from the desire to obtain high quality wine using natural processes of raw material transformation. Their essential starting point is a healthy, pure and quality raw material. With this, favouring physics over chemistry, we can produce wine naturally and preserve its original, healthy characteristics.

Sulphites are additives used for multiple functions in the food sector and in wine production: antimicrobial, antioxidant and selective against yeasts. Sulphites have a key role in stabilising the characteristics of wine and many other foods. They limit bacterial alterations that can negatively modify organoleptic qualities, protect the product from oxygen and favour the selection of the saccharomyces yeasts that are so important for alcohol fermentation. Sulphites reduce oxygen in the body, causing lasting headaches.

Sulphites are always present in fermented products, as they are produced by yeasts during the biochemical process that transforms sugars into alcohol.

Their presence is inevitable, but the quantities produced through guided and controlled fermentation processes can be limited to very small amounts.

In modern winemaking, the first selection criteria for wine yeasts is the low production of sulphur dioxide. Thus, the use of carefully selected yeasts is the basis for fermentation processes that guarantee low production of natural sulphur dioxide. A recently developed, innovative technique uses saccharomyces-free yeasts (yeasts that are present in the skins of grapes in low quantities), which are selective for their microbial characteristics and, as such, can replace sulphur dioxide. Only saccharomyce-free yeasts are capable of fermentation in the presence of these natural barriers. Finally, by not adding sulphites, the result is a more selective phenolic extraction and, consequently, more elegant, softer wines with superior organoleptic qualities.

Tuscan Rosé Wine – IGT – RosAllegra – Organic without added sulphites

To the nose, pink cherry, strawberry tree with light notes of acacia flowers. To the palate, dry, fresh with a balanced acidity. The result is a fine, intense elegance.

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Tuscan Red Wine – IGT – SOR PIERO – Organic without added sulphites 2018

Sculpted stone;
Perfection found;
Tannic, the perfect wine

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