1. Introduction
These terms and conditions shall govern all trade relations between Azienda Agricola I Sergenti and its customers, valid from the moment in which the sale is confirmed.
2. Security
Azienda Agricola I Sergenti uses one of the most widely-known and safe system for secure on-line sales: Secure Socket Layer (SSL), compatible with all the main browsers. SSL ensures that all data transmitted on-line is encrypted. This codification using a complex algorithm ensures that it is illegible to third parties.
Payment is guaranteed by PAY PAL. Azienda Agricola I Sergenti does not visualise nor detain customers’ credit card numbers. When the customer chooses to pay by credit card, the system transfers them to an application that is integrated into our website, but hosted on the PAY PAL system. The PAY PAL system manages the payment directly.
3. Conclusion of sale / ownership
The goods are owned by Azienda Agricola I Sergenti until the conclusion of the sale, in other words when the payment is received.
4. Refund Policy
This policy has been defined in accordance with article 64 and subsequent of Italian law 206/05 (consumer code) for consumer protection, including on-line contracts and sales.
Customers have the right to request a refund up to ten working days after the delivery of the goods. The customer can request a refund without providing any motivation. In order for the refund to be valid, the customer must return the goods in the same condition in which they were received. The refund refers to the full sale, so all goods purchased must be returned in their entirety. It does not refer to individual products.
The refund can be activated through a written communication, sent by recorded delivery, within the deadline of ten working dates to the company headquarters at the following address:
Azienda Agricola I Sergenti
Via M. L. King, 11 – 50066 Reggello – Firenze (Italia)
The communication can be sent, by the same deadline, by telegram, telex, email and fax, but must be followed up by a letter by registered post within 48 hours. In the letter, the customer should include his/her personal information, all information relative to the order and the sale and the statement that they request a refund. Goods are considered to have been returned when they are received by the post office / courier managing the shipment. The customer is responsible for the costs of the shipment. Once the condition of the goods has been checked and approved, Azienda Agricola I Sergenti will reimburse the entire amount as quickly as possible, through a bank transfer or the PAY PAL circuit, and within 30 days of receipt of the letter. Should the returned goods be damaged or incomplete, it will not be possible to reimburse the cost of the sale.
No refund is possible after more than 14 days from the sale.
5. Product and Customer Guarantee
Should the consumer find any obvious defects with the product (e.g. damaged bottle, damaged or open lid) they can contact customer service and return the good within 10 days of delivery. See the Returns menu, in the footer of our website, for the return procedure.
6. Prices and delivery costs
The final price, for product and delivery, are those shown when the order is made. Our product prices are shown in euro, with VAT included. For further information on delivery charges, see the Delivery page on the footer of our website. Delivery costs will be invoiced only once, even if the delivery has to be made with a number of stop-overs.
Should there be any delay to the delivery, the customer will be informed.
N.B. Customers should check the package before accepting delivery to ensure that it is in perfect condition.
7. Means of Payment
Payment can be made are follows:
– Payment by credit card (Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Diners)
– Payment by PAY PAL (which accepts credit/debit cards and pre-paid credit cards)
– Cash payment on delivery (+ € 5,00)
– Payment by bank transfer: The goods will be send when the payment is received. NB. With this method of payment, delivery may be delayed by some days (exact time varies according to the bank’s timeframe). For each purchase, Azienda Agricola I Sergenti will issue a valid invoice using the data provided by the client for the sale. The invoice will be sent with the product. Should any changes be required to the invoice or should a new invoice be required, the customer should inform us by e-mail at info@isergenti.com or by telephone at 0039 055 869145.
8. Personal data
Please see the “Privacy” menu, in the footer of our website.
9. Customer assistance
Customers can contact Azienda Agricola I Sergenti, as follows:
– by sending an email to info@isergenti.com
– by phoning on 0039 055 869145
From Monday to Friday
from 09:00 to 13:00 and from 14:30 to 18:30
– by writing a message through the Contact Us page on the website
10. Final disclosures
Any disputes will regulated by the Codice Civile Italiano (Italian Civil Code). The Tribunale di Firenze (Court of the City of Florence) is the territorial body in charge of resolving any eventual disputes.