Oil and Skin



Cream produced in labs by multi-national companies or the simplicity of mother nature?
Ever since ancient times, liquid gold from trees across the Mediterranean has been used as an effective remedy. Our ancestors were well aware that oil could cleanse epidermal tissue and help its regeneration.
A concentrate of vitamins, fatty acids and minerals, extra virgin olive oil is a natural antioxidant that can help healthy ageing. Better skin is the visible sign of this: oil helps it to be softer, younger and well-nourished. Let’s not forget that our skin is the human body’s interface with the outside world and it is also the heaviest human organ (3/4kg in an adult), so we should take care of it! Extra virgin olive oil has anti-inflammatory properties and can be used safely on children, new-borns and people with sensitive skin.
Partners know all about the continuous strive to ensure their children’s well-being, especially nowadays when we are bombarded with information and alternatives. This is true when we talk about food. Given the choice, I would prefer to give my little girl something natural, whose origin I can personally check, rather than a series of industrial produced foods that promise to cover all possible health issues.
The same is true for clothing and materials. When my daughter was a still wearing nappies, her skin was often red and irritated. In the chemists, we saw a whole range of lotions and potions with essential oils from exotic places. Did they work? Some did, some didn’t. One day I looked over at the bottle of oil on our table and thought, why not give it a try? I used it on my little girl and I didn’t ned to buy other products after that. It’s amazing to be able to use a simple, natural and genuine product to help my daughter.
Studying this from a historical point of view, it is obvious that I had just discovered hot water! Long before me ancient Greeks, Egyptians, Romans and probably many others used olive oil not only on their tables, but also on their bodies.
With a bottle of organic extra virgin olive oil on your table, it doesn’t cost much to try!

Enjoy taking care of yourselves!